KiikEst OÜ offers the following services:

Crash course on using a kiiking swing

We offer courses for using the swing. The course includes topics related to the transport, (dis)assembling and use of kiiking swings.
The course explains everything necessary for ensuring safe use of the swing whether you are working out or simply passing the time.
Estonian Kiiking Federation organises thorough courses that last for several days. In the course of training, the participants will gain theoretical knowledge and revise practical skills regarding the physics of kiiking, safety equipment, swinging techniques, tying methods, choosing the spot for the swing, installation and removal of the swings, (dis)assembling and transport. At the end of the course, the participants can take an exam in order to get a kiiking instructor or referee certificate.

Repair and restoration

Swing repair mainly focuses on renewing and replacing worn details (bolts, nuts, wires, tightening straps, stays etc.). In case of more serious problems (broken poles, problematic welding joints, cracks in construction, paint damage etc.), the swing has to be brought to us. We will examine the construction quality, replace broken details if necessary, repaint the swing and perform other necessary procedures, so as to make your swing as good as new. We will make sure to find the best solutions for the repair works in the course of consultations.


In order to make your life even more comfortable, we also offer a transport service. If you wish to repaint your swing or if it needs welding or other large-scale repair works, we will pick up your swing ourselves and bring it back afterwards.

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